Andrew Stark and Danny Starr – The Swords Final Cut Sc.4


The Swords Final Cut Sc.4 – Andrew Stark & Danny Starr

Danny Starr, a muscular, tattooed man, asked gay porn actor and peacemaker Andrew Stark for help in recovering the stolen Manifesto of Swords. But just because the two are on a secret mission doesn’t mean they can’t take a break for a midday fuck. Danny Starr leans forward on his knees, in front of a fireplace. He blows Andrew and manhandles his thick cheeks, before rimming his hairy hole. Andrew takes a turn on the star’s uncut meat before positioning Danny for a 69 and sucking him off. Andrew then uses his cock bareback while holding Danny’s a$$ until they have each fucked Danny’s abs and even his beard. Both agents are now completely exhausted. All that’s left to do is extract the manifesto and face a final betrayal.

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