The Calling – Master Snow and Noah White


The Calling – Master Snow, Noah White

I was shaking uncontrollably when I knocked on the door of my father, Master Snow’s office. I walked in and he immediately demanded that I undress. He then instructed me to climb onto his table.

He pulled me, repositioning and manipulating my body into contortions I didn’t know were possible. I’ve never allowed a man to take me before, but I knew immediately that I was ready to offer myself to him.

He told me to bend over the table and seconds later I felt the tip of his huge cock lining up with my hole. Then he started pushing himself inside me. My body immediately broke out in a cold sweat. It was harrowing and at the same time it felt right. I felt it was my duty—perhaps even my purpose—to pleasure Master Snow.

After a while, he told me to get on my back, and as I stood up, he pressed his lips against mine for the first time. It looked like something out of a movie. I was being swept away. The next thing I knew, he picked me up and held me in his arms, kissing me as he ground his cock into my trembling body.

He threw me back onto the table and held me in every position imaginable. We were connected. His dick was no longer a foreign object entering my body – it was a part of me.

At that moment, I felt his magical charge gushing inside me, filling every inch of my insides. He pulled my head back and kissed me again with even more passion and intensity. I knew something very special had begun.

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