Zayan Lanz and Felipe – Dreaming of My Younger Brother


Dreaming of My Younger Brother – Zayan Lanz and Felipe

Zayan Lanz has a sexual desire and a huge desire to be able to fuck his younger brother Felipe Leonel’s ass, which is a delight. Felipe invites his brother to play pool and the two have fun together. Zayan gets excited and asks his brother some questions, and wants to know what he did in the last Carnival, if he got a lot of girls or if he did something different. Felipe Leonel says no and that he just enjoyed the holidays in a healthy way. Zayan falls asleep and ends up dreaming of Felipe’s mouth sucking his cock very tasty and willingly. Felipe doesn’t just want to suck his brother’s cock and decides to give him his ass very tasty to satisfy his brother’s desire. The two fuck very tasty in different positions, with groans of lust and pleasure, Felipe Leonel enjoys very tasty and his brother too, but without realizing he was dreaming, Zayan is woken up by Felipe who sees his brother all taken advantage of.

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