Vincent Landi & Yarev Weiss – Meet Me in Buenos Aires Part One: The Dating App


New series! “Meet me” is an app to meet them all. Our young Latinos have a series of hot encounters in the city of Buenos Aires. Nude photos and videos are uploaded, chatting and looking to meet. Download the app and come discover them…. Or watch the first episode, 18-year-old Yarev uses the app to meet new people, it’s his first time. He contacts Vincent, who asks him for videos… Yarev sends him a video naked in bed.

Vincent responds from a tourist spot in Buenos Aires who wants to meet him… Yarev welcomes him to his house a little nervous, they gradually loosen up, he lets go with deep kisses, from Vincent’s tongue. They roll over on the bed, their young and soft bodies explode, they rub, they kiss all over their bodies, they lick their nipples, they are completely naked. Vincent gives him his hard, very hard cock so he can lick it all off.

.. And he doesn’t just lick, he grabs your mouth, he fills it with saliva that drips from their bodies. Vincent opens the hole in her ass as his cock grows harder than wood. He beats Yarev… The boy has been delivered! When he shoves his head into her ass, he grips it hard, slams it against her thighs, and it sounds amazing. Then he lays him down on the bed with his legs up and then on his side. Yarev loves it, even if it hurts a little.

In the end, he opens his anus for Vincent to release his full load of semen there and put his cock filled with his fluids again… That’s how they kiss… And it’s just begun. What new adventures will this new app bring? The answer in the next episode titled “My Little Neighbor”. New series! “Meet me” is an application for everyone to know. Nuestros jóvenes latinos lead a series of hot meetings in the city of Buenos Aires.

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