Vincent Landi & Derek Nagy – Ski Winter Ride Part Four: Photoshoot in the Wild


Our hot girls continue to travel through the south of the world, the southernmost part with snow and mountains. Vincent and Derek walk through the forest, Vincent takes pictures of Derek, he poses provocatively, behind the snowy mountains, it’s a beautiful landscape. Vincent asks him to take off his jacket, Derek agrees and gets more and more naked in the sun. She pulls on her clothes and zips up her pants, revealing her pubis.

Derek takes his shirt off and is shirtless in the middle of the woods. Vincent proposes going to the cabin and Derek agrees to take warmer pictures. Vincent, perverted with excitement, is taking increasingly risqué pictures of him, with the boy’s face close to the cup, which is very inflated, he has a lot standing up inside his jeans. Derek realizes and can’t take it anymore, he wants to get his cock out of prison and put it in his mouth.

She does this, she sucks with great desire, moaning with pleasure. Vincent penetrates her mouth, turns her over, lowers the slip and begins to stimulate him in the anus. Their hairless bodies are already naked. Vincent sucks Derek’s ass, spreads his ass cheeks and rubs his huge, hard, hot cock. Derek moans with pleasure, asks for more lubrication, Vincent spits through the hole and penetrates him like this on all fours.

Then they range from amazing positions, he turns him on his side and his cock is in and out of Derek’s tiny anus. Vincent finishes her entire ass and then penetrates her again with his load of cum on top… Wow, we want more! Then there’s more, as Derek stimulates himself with Vincent’s help until he releases all the load on his chest and belly. A straight shot! Derek is still wearing his grinning socks… Don’t miss next week’s upcoming episode “Hot Snow,” featuring the long-awaited hot-cold-proof orgy.

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