Verse and Nat – Starting with Primo


Starting with Primo – Verse & Nat

On one of the Sundays that I visited my grandmother’s house, at that time Pedro (the cousin) was living with her. The day went normally, like every traditional Sunday lunch, and as was customary, at the end of the day, I begged my parents to let me stay there for another day or two and after asking for so much, they ended up giving in. As we really liked it, my grandparents ordered pizza for us, we watched movies until then, nothing out of the ordinary… as pre-teens, we still played with some toys and right after dinner, it was just the two of us in the dining room playing with some super toys. heroes. Pedro, as always calm, began to place the superheroes in positions of 4, one behind the other, and saying that I was the one on 4 and I, as a very naive person, laughed at the whole situation, until at some point this started instigating me , but it was all very new to me at the time. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this weekend.

A few days passed, and the following Friday, I returned home and the following weekend, here we were again at my grandmother’s house. When we got there, Pedro was in the garage, playing football against the gate and as soon as we arrived Pedro came to greet me promptly and gave me a big hug, squeezing my butt, but I didn’t suspect anything (these greetings were something common between our friendship).

This weekend, as it was the beginning of my vacation from school, my parents allowed me to sleep the entire weekend at Pedro’s house. Around 6pm, my parents said goodbye to us, leaving just me and Pedro lying in my grandparents’ room, about 30 minutes after Pedro suddenly started playing his usual games, grabbing my butt, starting fights, until he grabbed my hand and puts it on his dick, and I take it off simultaneously when he says:

– “Handle”

– Pedro, what if someone shows up?

– Out of nowhere… and grabbed my dick.

Things started to get more intense from this moment on, as I was never one to approach girls and due to my age, this was my first “sexual” contact.

When it was time to sleep, as we were watching a movie in the living room, we chose to bring the mattresses to sleep together in the living room, as was the rule on these occasions, my grandmother always placed the pillows on opposite sides (were there any previous reports of this attitude? unknown!).

When it was time to sleep, I felt that Pedro was moving too much under his covers… I immediately thought “This crazy bastard must be having a bad time”. Until a certain moment, I felt something inside me and little by little we reached our hands until they met and he led my hand to his dick… it was something indescribable… the sensation of touching another person’s member: hot, sweaty, the smell… these are unique sensations!!

I ran my hand over the entire length of his chest and slid it down again to his dick and the entire length of his balls, I slowly pulled his tactile shorts to reduce some of the noise and continued to jack him off. At some point, I took his hand again and placed it on my dick, inducing him to do the same movements I was doing on him, until he let out an “I’m going to cum” and spurted all his cum into my hand… but he continued frantically at me. jacking off until I came too, taking turns between my balls, cock and lightly squeezing my ass… I liked being his girl!!

Well, after this report, they happened a few other times on the beach, where my grandparents have a summer apartment, but this report will be discussed later.

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