Troy fucks Justin Eros


When models tell Caruso what kind of guy or features turn them on, he takes note. That’s what happened to Justin Eros. Justin told Caruso that he loves giant roosters! Justin has a pretty big dick, but he tells Caruso that a hot straight man with a giant dick really turns him on! So when Caruso came across Troy’s app, he knew he had to pair it with Justin!

Troy is this week’s straight guy and he’s a sexy stud! Troy is tall, sexy, hairy and has a beautiful uncut dick! He’s big and responsible and Justin can’t wait to prove it! Troy doesn’t have a girlfriend, but at 32, he has a lot of experience in the sex department. However, his dick is so big that girls won’t let him fuck in the ass, so he hopes to get the chance to live his dreams in a porn studio.

Caruso instructs the two to undress, get hard, and get hard. After he sees that it won’t be okay to get hard, he leaves to check on the girl. But, he returns with bad news. There won’t be a girl today, but if the two guys are willing to have sex with each other, he can still shoot a scene, and even better, he can pay them double. Troy really didn’t take long before he caved in and decided to go gay for pay.

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