Tristan Hunter raw fucks and creams Nick Floyd hole


Tristan Hunter raw fucks and creams Nick Floyd hole

Exclusive CockyBoys Nick Floyd and Tristan Hunter have double the fun – having sex and looking in the mirror!

Nick is already looking in the mirror when Tristan comes up behind his neck and they are soon turned on by the reflection. So they go for it: Nick feasts on Tristan’s cock and Tristan’s fingers and eats Nick’s hole.

It’s a short ride to Tristan fucking Nick from behind and as they watch each other, it’s clear they’re doubly turned on. The couch becomes the perfect vehicle, not only to make it easier for Nick to mount Tristan and fuck, but also to give them both a chance to see the “show” they are creating.

When they switch positions for Tristan to suck Nick and for Nick to ride him again, the guys can still catch a glimpse of each other in the mirror, but now they’re focused on each other. The momentum soon leads Nick to shoot a load of cream all over Tristan, who continues pounding his hole. In them, Tristan also shoots and breeds Nick, leaving his hot ass both glazed and creampied.

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