Tony Orion & Cesar Rossi – Latino Heat – The Locker Room


Latino Heat – The Locker Room – Tony Orion, Cesar Rossi

Two of the hottest Latin men, Tony Orion and Cesar Rossi meet in the gym locker room where they have the most amazing and sweaty sex possible.

Upon entering the dressing room, Cesar Rossi is faced with Tony Orion – a very cool man, with Latin charm, beautiful hair and a beard that suits him very well. Cesar wants to have sex with Tony, but is not sure if the desire is mutual, but before he can ask, Tony starts flirting with him, drops to his knees, pulls Cesar’s towel off and starts to suck his cock.

For his part, Cesar Rossi also shows excellent oral sex skills, sucking Tony Orion’s hard cock and licking his muscular and hairy ass. Tony then lays down on the bench in an ass down position and Cesar shoves his cock up his hole.

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