Tom Bentley & Cain Marko – Guest Bathroom


Tom wasn’t a big fan of loud noises and constant banging. While he appreciated that the contractors would make his kitchen nice and new, he was definitely a little upset as they were leaving.

Tom couldn’t use the kitchen when he needed to, couldn’t watch TV in peace, couldn’t even use the bathroom when he wanted to! Attached to the kitchen was a bathroom normally used by guests, but with all the work being done, it was temporarily unplugged, leaving contractors needing to use their personal bathroom.

Most of the time, this was no big deal. They appeared to be very clean and careful, and Tom spent most of the day away from the sounds of drilling and hammering. But one night one of the contractors was working late while Tom relaxed in bed.

Being on the top floor, Tom was far enough away from work that with his noise-canceling headphones he could sit peacefully and watch things on the phone or the TV in the bedroom. Of course, Tom’s way of relaxing didn’t always involve just watching TV. Tom felt the urge to come growing, something he’d put off for hours because of the presence of strangers in his house. He didn’t know when someone might need to come in, so he just put it off when the work was getting done.

When he heard the sounds stopping and the usual indications of people leaving, Tom saw his opportunity and pulled out his cock to stroke a satisfying load.

Thinking he was alone, he got too involved in what he was watching. His cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. And with his headphones on, he had totally immersive sound, feeling like he was right there in the scene he was watching. Fully immersed, he didn’t hear Cain coming up the stairs.

Cain knew how to knock before he went in, but he got used to Tom just going. So when he walked into the room, he felt a rush of guilt when he saw Tom sitting on the bed, working his cock like a well-oiled pipe. Cain looked away politely as Tom quickly stuffed his erection into his panties, continuing to explain that he needed to use the bathroom.

Tom, a little embarrassed, told Cain he could use his bathroom and tried to sit up like maybe he wasn’t clearly stroking his cock. It seemed that at the moment they were both just going to pretend that what happened didn’t just happen. Cain made his way to the bathroom and Tom stood there, flushed and nervous but still rock hard.

When Cain reentered the room, Tom got a good look at him for the first time. He hadn’t checked with all the contractors, but he was surprised he’d lost Cain on the lot. He was a tall man who practically reached the height of the door! And he was almost as wide, too. Cain’s shoulders were huge, even under the blue suit he was wearing. Even without proper clothing, it was clear from Cain’s size that he was a giant, well-muscled red-haired father. And it was hard for Tom to think about his pornography when looking at a Titan.

Tom and Cain exchanged glances for a second. Tom thought Cain was just going to apologize for the intrusion and leave, but it seemed to take a second or two longer than expected. Tom was intrigued, curious about what Cain would do or say. It took a moment for Cain to break the silence, suggesting he interrupted something amusing.

Tom was amused, realizing clearly that Cain was aware of what he was doing… even enjoyed seeing it. The idea alone was enough to bring Tom back to full strength. Tom invited Cain to his bed, something the big man was more than eager to do.

Tom struggled to reach Cain’s shoulders, desperate to feel his size and strength. Up close, Tom felt absolutely tiny. Cain’s thick neck pointed down to take in Tom’s gaze, watching him measure him and get excited about his body. Cain works hard to be as big as possible, all for that hungry look.

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