The Bricklayer and his 22CM


The Bricklayer and his 22CM

I met someone by chance. It was a Saturday afternoon and I went to the market to buy something for lunch and on my way back home I decided to stop at a bar close to the market in order to have a cold one and then head home. I was alone at my table enjoying my beer when suddenly two guys arrived, one mulatto and the other dark, with a goatee, a cap and a bag of tools. While one sat at a table opposite mine; the other went inside the bar to get the beer. Soon they started drinking and talking. They spoke so loudly that you could hear them and the topic was construction, closing, etc. Of course, I immediately realized that they were construction workers, because I saw that the brunette had paint marks on his arm. I started looking at them discreetly and felt interested in the brunette, I don’t know why, but he attracted me in a strange way.

I decided to order another beer, another and another. The next thing I knew it was in the fourth container. The two friends were drinking and continuing their work talk until the mulatto’s cell phone rang. After answering, he told his friend that he needed to go to the market to buy some things for the woman as she had just called asking. The brunette was alone at the table waiting for the mulatto. I kept to myself, drinking my beer, but keeping an eye on him. Soon, I saw that he picked up a cigarette, picked up a matchbox on the table and, to his surprise, it was empty. I was smoking. He then got up, walked towards me and asked to borrow my lighter. It was the password to start a chat. I joked with him, talking about the other man’s wife and asking if his wife wouldn’t call too and ask to bring something.

He quickly smiled and said he didn’t have that problem. Before trying to return to his table, I offered him some of my beer and suggested that he keep me company until his friend returned. He immediately took his backpack, glass and cell phone from the table he was at and headed towards mine. We started a chat. Soon he started talking about his wife, his crisis in the relationship, in short. A long time later, his friend returned full of bags asking him to leave. He smiled and said that he had just met a great friend, referring to me. He asked his friend to calm down and asked him to keep us company. Anyway, we closed the bar and went to another one. I immediately tried to exchange cell phone numbers with him, which, unfortunately for me, was the friend who wrote it down. I went home thoughtful. That brunette is on my mind. At the height of the beer, he decided to take off his shirt and showed off his beautiful body.

I confess that I ran to the bathroom to masturbate thinking about him. I enjoyed it a lot. A week later, heading to my work, I meet both of them. The mulatto always rushes the dark-skinned man towards my revolt. He gave me a tight hug and said he would call me to arrange something. That day I worked glued to it with my cell phone in my hand, waiting for his call. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. At night, I decided to go to the bar where I had met them, but I didn’t find them. I had a cold one and went home, always thinking about that brunette. Another week and nothing, until one fine day, with no hope left, I was at home when my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, when I answered, on the other end of the line, a manly voice, in the background a noise of voices, called me dear, asked how I was and invited me to meet him at a certain bar. It was him! The brunette at the bar. I immediately got ready and went to meet him. When he arrived, he and the mulatto were there. He gave me a hug to lift me off the ground and, close to my ear, asked if he could “drop in” at my house, since he had argued with his wife. Of course I accepted.

The mulatto started surrounding us and trying to persuade him of the idea of staying at my house. It was in vain, he was determined not to go home and stay alone. Very angry, the mulatto then took the bicycle and left. The brunette was alone with me. I did not believe! We continued to drink beer. My imagination went beyond what could happen that night. We went to my house. He was kind of high since he had mixed drinks. To my sadness, when we arrived, he suddenly said that he needed to go home, as he had to resolve a “stop” with that woman. I fought, I was reluctant, I did everything possible and impossible to make him stay. But, he left. What hate! I went to the bathroom again and masturbated thinking about him. A month later, I was at home with my boyfriend when the cell phone rang. It was him. He said he was in trouble and needed a place to stay, asked if he could come to my house. I froze at the situation.

I told him that at that moment it was impossible, as I was out of town. My heart almost stopped because of the tight skirt I found myself in. The following week I called him again, as my boyfriend had already boarded and, unfortunately for me, I couldn’t speak as the cell phone only had voicemail. We’re like a cat and a mouse. I gave up looking for him. A few more months later, when we arrived at the bar where we met, who was there? He doesn’t have the greatest chat with a woman. I soon joined the couple and we started talking. The woman was his friend, she told me that he needed help, that he was a good person, but lost, he looked like a child, despite being 32 years old. Talk goes on, talk comes, time passes, the woman and I launch a challenge at him. Whether he would be able to spend a night out to spite his wife, since their marriage was in crisis. He was reluctant, but he gave in! He said he would agree and that it would be that night. As it was a little late, we accompanied that friend to her house and then went to mine.

He was restless, but living up to the challenge. I left him very comfortable, took a bath towel, showed him the bathroom, lent him some of my shorts, anyway. I stayed in the kitchen

ha preparing something for us to eat when suddenly he came out of the bathroom in just his swim trunks. His suitcase screamed inside. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t live past that night. We started to talk. He went on to talk about his life, relationship, etc. That brunette was simply beautiful and I never tired of admiring him. He said that he had fought with the mulatto and that he no longer worked with him. As it was late at night I made his bed and prepared mine. He, smiling, told me not to be scared if I heard any noise inside the house, as he was a sleepwalker. I went to my room, left the door open and stood completely naked in anticipation. To my despair, the hours flew by on the clock and he didn’t act. I lost the number of times I went to the bathroom hoping for some action and nothing. He snored like a mule. I thought about attacking him, but I was afraid. Finally, it was dawn.

And to my sadness, nothing happened, I woke up all wet thinking about what could happen between us. And again he disappeared. What the hell! But I swore to myself that one way or another I would make that bricklayer. Two months passed and there was no news from him. I kept calling him and his cell phone was always on voicemail! Until one fine day I was at my house, sleeping as it was close to dawn, when I heard knocking on my window. I woke up scared! I heard a voice calling me. I suddenly got up and when I opened the window I came face to face with the brunette. He was nervous, he told me that he had just left the police station, as he had fought with the woman, she called “the men” claiming that he had beaten her, then he ended up at the PD, but was released since the woman herself denied the accusation. As he had nowhere to go he remembered me and asked if he could stay at my house. I left.

The atmosphere was so intense that I didn’t think of anything wrong with him. I made his bed and soon he fell asleep, after a good bath. The next day, he thanked me for the welcome. I told him to feel free if he needed to spend another night. I didn’t count much on his return since at the same time he appeared, he evaporated. I worked quietly and at night I went home. I took my shower, had dinner and got ready for bed. I was about to sink into sleep when I heard someone calling me from the gate. I got up in a hurry, opened the door and ran into him. I immediately opened the gate, he came in and immediately kissed my nape, telling me that I was incredible and the best person in the world. We entered. I realized I had been drinking. He began to curse his wife, his life, in short. I listened attentively and tried to disentangle him from other ideas.

Until I suggested that he stay at my place, since he had found a place to spend the night. He declined, saying he didn’t like to be bothered and that he was taking away my privacy. I said no, because I wanted to help him. He told me about the light I didn’t turn on in the living room because he was sleeping there, about the coffee I avoided making so as not to make noise, in short, I was putting up various obstacles. Until I decided to launch the invitation. I invited him to sleep in my bed, along with me! He agreed, although he claimed he snored too much. He told him there was no problem at all. Then, he went to take a shower, I made my bed with the greatest care in the world and waited for him. he soon left the bathroom, still talking a lot. I asked him to settle down in the corner I had reserved for him. At the time of the championship, my heart just needed to leap out of my chest, such was the anxiety and desire to have that brunette with me. He settled down.

I took off my clothes, saying that I only knew how to sleep naked. He asked me to be careful since he hadn’t cum for a while and he could mistake me for his ex-wife. We smiled and settled into bed. He continued talking, saying that he was hairy and that even his balls had a lot of hair. Then, he took my hand and brought it to his chest to feel the amount of hair there was. I took advantage of the opportunity and caressed him. He stopped and then said that I had thin, womanly hands and that I had gotten a hard-on. I got nervous. I wanted that moment so much and at that moment I turned yellow. I stopped talking and asked him to sleep and rest, since I had to work the next day. Some time later I heard him snoring. Without holding back, pretending to sleep, I leaned against him. He changed position, facing me. When I touched my ass I could see that I had a hard-on. I was getting excited. I started rubbing myself very slowly against him. Every move he made, I went back to my corner. I continued my assault. Now it was my hand that caressed his cock. It was hard and throbbing.

He slept like a rock. Very slowly, I slipped my hand under his swim trunks until I reached his cock. I realized it was messy. Very slowly, I directed my mouth to the head of his cock and started to rub it with my tongue. It was a huge and very thick cock. He moved and I stopped. I couldn’t swallow anymore.


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