Sua encomenda Chegou


Felipe Brodin arrived home very drunk. The party was incredible. But he was hungry and just wanted to sleep, he took a shower and ordered food through the app. His doorman is already well accustomed to the situation and always lets the delivery man go up to leave the order at the apartment, but this time Felipe was unable to wait for him awake, he fell asleep face down on the bed, naked as he had just come out of the shower. Paulo Baiano was already on his last delivery of the night, and he was in the mood to go out and get a good fuck. The delivery man arrived at his destination and the doorman told him to go upstairs. He’s not in the habit of going up to customers’ apartments to make deliveries, but as he wanted to get away quickly, he did so without question.

Once there, he rings the doorbell and no one answers, he tries to knock on the door and realizes that the door was open. He starts calling for someone and still without an answer he opens the door and finds Felipe’s ass facing upwards while he was sleeping. The delivery man tried to call him several times, while he saw his juicy ass and his hardening cock. He couldn’t take it, so he took his dick out a little and started jerking off. He regained consciousness, put the stick away and went over to wake up the client. Without any reaction from Felipe, once again, Paulo couldn’t resist and opened his ass to see his ass.

And it was a delicious ass! Felipe then wakes up and finds a huge bulge in the delivery man’s pants in front of him. Paulo says he has a delivery for him and Felipe already takes the pole out of his pants and puts it in his mouth. The delivery man, already horny, starts fucking Felipe’s throat furiously, making the boy drool. He licks his ass and, with his dick already lubricated, he stuffs his thick cock into his thirsty ass. Paulo was hungry for sex and unloaded everything on his client’s ass, who was very satisfied with the delivery after taking a nice load.

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