Sean Duran fucks Jesse Diamond


Testosterone is at full strength as muscle gods Jesse Diamond and Sean Duran reunite. Their tattooed and perfectly sculpted bodies are amazing to look at as they kiss and make out. Sean’s passion for a muscular ass knows no bounds, and Jesse has the perfect ass for his massive cock. Jesse spreads her legs wide as Sean kisses her chest and abdomen, giving a bright green light for the shaved head top to go straight to her sweet spot. Sean’s mouth waters at the thought of opening Jesse’s hole, placing him in a feasting position at the end of the bed as he licks her pussy.

Jesse looks into Sean’s blue eyes, excited as hell and eager to feel his cock inside. But before Jesse takes the hard tool deep into his loins, he needs to taste it first. Dropping to his knees, the scruffy trans man adores Sean’s cock, stroking and licking it with intense passion. He won’t stop until it’s in the back of his throat, no matter how hard he has to try. Sean gives Jesse all the time he needs to get nice and wet, but he has one destination: Jesse’s tight pussy.

Laying Jesse on his back, Sean gives the bottom one last lap with his tongue before sliding the balls of his naked cock deep into her pelvis. Jesse lets out a groan of mixed pain and pleasure, feeling his insides part to make room for Sean’s massive tool. Sean moves slowly, but everything on Jesse’s face tells him to keep going. Not wanting to let down his hungry lover, he picks up the pace and hits harder and faster than Jesse could have imagined.

Jesse holds back everything he can to resist Jesse’s diesel fuck. The powerful bodybuilder knows how to deliver a world-class creation, and Jesse is eager to feel him unload inside. After taking a deep breath, Sean rushes forward, fucking Jesse’s hole faster and faster until he explodes, flooding Jesse with his premium protein-rich seed.

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