Salazar, Miguel Olivetto & Titio Fetichista – Dois Sobrinhos Para Brincar


Salazar is on his way to the house of his uncle Fetishista who loves a good bitching and is not satisfied with little. Fetishista is a mature guy who loves to play with his huge and thick dildo by penetrating his delicious ass. While uncle Fetishista is playing with his favorite toy, Salazar catches him and decides to participate in the game offering his uncle his delicious and juicy cock. Fetishist loves to feel his nephew’s dick in his mouth and plays with it very tasty. Salazar doesn’t just want a delicious blowjob from his uncle, so he takes advantage and puts him on all fours to fuck his ass. While Salazar eats his uncle’s ass very tasty, Miguel Olivetto arrives and catches the two having sex very tasty and is surprised that his uncle also enjoys bitching between males. Miguel then decides to participate in the joke between the putões and puts his uncle to suck his hot cock. Uncle Fetishist is delighted and overjoyed to have his two nephews playing with his tail and succulent mouth. The nephews love to satisfy their uncle’s desire, who is moaning with lust and asking for more and more strong punches. “Two Nephews to Play” is the kind of movie that will make you delirious with lust and jerk off watching two nephews fuck their uncle’s delicious ass.

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