Richard, Anthony – Five Year Look People Pleaser


Here’s a juicy dick-sucking scene from five years ago, and it’s time to drop your pants and check out Anthony and Richard!

“I don’t know if this is part of the new job or just an advantage, but I’m going to have a dick anytime. With Richard Ryder stark naked and my mouth curled around his cock, I’d say my skills are a requirement. Definitely a ‘team player’, I wet Richard’s dick as he slides in and out of my throat. Lasting longer than the ‘dressed interview’, Richard is ready to explode; I switch to a receptive T-bagging mode and savor his load. me, it seems that Richard has already ‘marked’ me; I will be working ‘under’ it. Always thirsty, Anthony Wood does his best under pressure and with a stick in his throat for”


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