Reese Rideout & Roman Todd – Swords Final Cut Scene 1


Swords Final Cut Scene 1 – Reese Rideout & Roman Todd

The ultimate showdown between good and evil is at the heart of ‘The Swords: Final Cut,’ a high-octane thrill ride that pushes physical and sexual limits from an all-star cast!

Scene 1: “After an exhausting day training new recruit Reese Rideout at the Swords’ secret desert facility, Roman Todd is eager to relax with a cold shower and a mouthful of Reese’s dick. Roman, naked and showing off every inch of his muscular build, sucks his trainee deep in a cave before moving around the cave to be surrounded by Reese’s eager tongue.

With his hole wet and Reese’s saliva rolling on his slick and balls, Roman goes for a ride on Reese’s bareback dick while jerking off his own big dick. Now lying on his back with Reese still filling him with meat, Roman is soon covered in cum as he and Reese release their first loads of the day all over his muscular torso.

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