Reach, Kouya – Reach Takes On Kouya


Our members responded to the debut of the sexy, muscular Japanese boy Reach with a big thumbs up, so PeterFever East is giving you guys another chance to watch this horny stud take on another hot Asian, this time the hot, horny Kouya. There’s a David and Goliath quality to watching them make out, as the sexy little twin Kouya isn’t the first one you’d expect to be shoving his hard tool up our hero’s muscle-hungry ass. It’s exciting to watch a male stud built like Reach give in to his urge to sink in, having a hot young motherfucker fill him with relentless, merciless cock. Reach gets all the cock he wants, almost everything he can handle, and more than he bargained for. Watch and join in the fun seXXXy.


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