[RAM] Rudy Gram Gets His Ass Pounded By Viktor Rom


Rudy Gram is a Raw Alpha Male, that’s not up for debate. He’s handsome, strong, masculine, and his body is the masculine physique at its peak. But every now and then, unbeknownst to the assholes who take his dick. Rudy was hanging out with his alpha male friend, Viktor Rom, in Puerto Vallarta. And the more relaxed and comfortable Rudy got, the more he let Viktor know some of his submissive fantasies. Rudy Gram knew all too well the fat chunk of raw meat Viktor Rom had in his shorts, and he saw it swelling up as Rudy shared his secrets. Viktor Rom invited Rudy Gram to the Raw Alpha Males fuck room where he could indulge these fantasies. Rudy agrees, and it’s there, caught on four different cameras, that Rudy hands his ass over to Viktor and gets fucked like a pussy!

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