Pierce Harrington & Riff Dornan – Issue #342


Issue #342 – Pierce Harrington & Riff Dornan

In addition to being a professional athlete, which certainly helps keep him in perfect shape, Pierce Harrington is also a keen lover. This morning, he got up early to make breakfast for Riff Dornan. Riff joins Pierce in the kitchen and sees all the delicious food, but all he can focus on is the sexy cook in the jockstrap. Pierce quickly understands that there is a more important matter to attend to. Riff’s cock soon hardens in Pierce’s mouth and after a very deep blowjob, Pierce offers his ass to be fucked. Riff quickly undresses his partner, slides his cock inside and fucks him from behind. Before moving on to the next position, Pierce loses his jockstrap and settles for a return blowjob before getting thrust again. Pierce is rewarded for his morning efforts with a big creamy load on his ass.

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