On my fours for Beefcake Marcello


On my fours for Beefcake Marcello

It’s been a while, but here I am on all fours for Beefcake Marcello, a sexy construction worker who debuted late last year. I thought he would be a one-off hit in BeefCakeHunter Land, but I’m glad I was wrong because I know a lot of hunters will love to see him back 😉

During our initial conversation, I discovered that he had been carrying the load for almost a week and hadn’t had real sex in months. And as you can see, Beefcake Marcello returned to BCH Land with a new look that made him sexier than ever, so my excitement was well justified, right, Hunters? 😊

Once on my knees between his legs, I began to play with his huge package, which came to life very quickly, in contrast to his apparent indifference. Still, as I always say, sometimes it’s the dick that “talks”, if you know what I mean, because as soon as I got him naked, that beautiful, perfect dick was ready to be enjoyed. Oh God, I liked it! And for that I wanted to have a view from below, so I sucked him standing up.

I sucked him for a long time; I liked him and his serious face so much that I even asked him to swear at me, which he refused, haha. I know we would love for him to be more verbal, but still, we get the rare moment where he asks me to use both hands to suck him off, which is a pleasant surprise. He looked at the camera, which was hot, and that led me to lick his big balls like there was no tomorrow, haha.

It was time to get down on all fours for Beefcake Marcello, so I begged him to be gentle at first, and I meant it; Even though I was smiling, that dick was so hard that it was definitely going to hurt a little. Fortunately, he was attentive and complied. It started slow and not that deep, but after a few minutes of pounding; I begged him to fuck me deep, haha; I was totally in the “Marcello zone”.

I loved the way Beefcake Marcello drilled me and that he paid enough attention to the fact that he was working my hole… hot. I thought he wouldn’t cum like that, but he did! And he came abundantly, and I loved it!


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