[OF] Master Neymar and Nick Charms


Master Neymar & Nick Charms

Finally! Back in front of the truly perfect Master Neymar. I’m telling you, of all the men I have worshiped and served over the years, there is NO ONE like this man. Cum. This is by far my favorite video I’ve ever made. We were having so much fun together and doing our thing and I looked at the camera and we had 2 hours of filming! I decided to leave every second in it, so this is definitely my longest video, and I’m so glad it was with him. Neymar is a true king and, honestly, he loves getting attention, being adored, being smelled, sucked and licked everywhere. Seriously, so perfect. I could do this every day forever and be the happiest boy. I can’t believe what we saw in this video, but it was natural and took us completely by surprise too. As I explored his perfect body (which smells SO good), things have definitely progressed since our last time together. I think you’ll enjoy seeing where things went this time. I hope you enjoy watching it, keep up with this one, it’s a feature film! Thanks for watching.

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