[OF] Malik Delgaty & Papi Kocic Fuck Josh Moore – Jacuzzi Tag Team


Jacuzzi Tag Team – Malik Delgaty & Papi Kocic Fuck Josh Moore

The jacuzzi was very warm, but not as hot as we were ??

Her Papi was relaxing with Josh in Malik’s hotel room and decided to jump in the jacuzzi even though we weren’t in our bathing suits. But you know us… after a while of talking, you could feel the desire for something more to happen ?

Malik started kissing me and then Josh joined us. You know the chemistry between us, so your Papi got even more excited? He pulled out Papi’s big thick cock and started eating it. He did it so well that I banged his juicy asshole right after that.

So, Malik was first in line and when Josh was eating his ass, his papi couldn’t resist and fucked him as deep and hard as he likes ? Malik also fucked Josh, while he was sucking me. After a while, he didn’t know what dick he wanted in his big ass, so we took turns…fuck, it was SO hot.

If you know Josh, you know he was begging for his papi and Malik’s juice ??

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