[OF] Lucas Dias and Jordan Giraldi Flip Fuck Raw


VoyR – Lucas Dias and Jordan Giraldi Flip Fuck Raw

When Jordan Giraldi sees Lucas Dias on his stomach with his juicy ass fully exposed, he can’t help but spread Lucas’ sumptuous cheeks and taste it. After satisfying his hole craving by licking Lucas’ ass with his tongue, Jordan uses his throbbing cock to fill the tattooed stud’s mouth and ass.

Lucas’s muscled thighs are spread wide as Jordan slides in and out of Lucas’ hole until the bareback motherfuckers are ready to switch positions. Jordan’s jaw hangs open as Lucas catches him from behind and straddles his beautiful body.

With Jordan now on his back being stuffed with raw cock, he lets out a torrent of cum all over his torso before Lucas pulls out to cover the back side six pack in his creamy cum.

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