Nico Max & Chase Tyler – Two Straight Boys Fuck


Two Straight Boys Fuck – Nico Max, Chase Tyler

Such a good kisser, Nico is on top of Chase as he massages his cock over his underwear. The boys stay and Chase can barely keep his clothes on for long. After removing the rest of the fabric, Nico slides down the bed and rests her head on Chase’s cock, stiffening at his touch. The sex-loving porn model is already hard, feeling Nico suck and suck.

The bulge in Nico’s underwear pushes out as he continues to taste Chase’s cock. Her follaccio skills are on par, licking the tip gently before taking the base into her mouth, teasing Chase with each lick. His patience wearing thin, Chase turns Nico around to strip and get his mouth on the young dick.

His collar is against the shaft as Chase’s mouth fills with thick cock. Playing with his tight young body, Chase repositions Nico so he can see all of him, opening his legs and cupping his balls. He sucks his cock again, teasing it against his tongue before choking a little on its depth.

Ready to fuck, Nico flips the new guy over and opens her buttocks for him. After spitting in the hole, Nico sucks and licks Chase’s ass. Without waiting long, he slides his massive cock into Chase’s ass. The new guy can barely stand it, needing breaks since Nico’s cock is so thick and long. “Fuck bro,” he groans as he starts to pick up the pace for his first BSB fuck.

Nico establishes dominance, straddling Chase and sliding his cock back down into his ass. “Right there,” he groans, loving the feel of that position against his skin. Holding his own cock while Nico fills his ass, Chase continues to bask in the pleasure of being fucked. “This feels so good,” admits the new guy, letting Nico touch him any way he wants. “I’m going to come bro,” Chase announces before dumping his load on himself. Excited to see it unload, Nico’s cock does the same, dripping white cream onto the uncut young cock.

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