Monster & Boyka


BiLatinMen – Monster & Boyka

Boyka has become a big fund. In this scene, the handsome bi-Latin Monster gives him a good spanking. Filmed in Mexico, Boyka called us and said he needed money. We told him he needed to get to the bottom this time, and he said he would be sorry if we paid a little more. As it was his first time to fuck, we paired him with a dick that isn’t too big. That’s where the Monster model comes in. This is a really hot scene where a straight guy actually loses his idiotic virginity in the movie. We can tell that Boyka was confused because being fucked hurt him, but he was getting hard at the same time. To embarrass him, we grabbed his hard cock and said, “Look, he’s hard, that means he likes to be fucked, that means he’s made to be fucked.” He stayed quiet and continued to sit on that cock as his erection grew.

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