Mikey Allens, Nico Nova – Pizza Party Boys Fuck Raw


Nico’s hand rests gently on Mikey’s neck and chin as the two partiers kiss on the bed. One suggests, and both compel, that they take off their shirts, closely followed by their shorts. The two young men were lying in their underwear, kissing. Nico checks to see if his partner is enjoying the teasing of his fingers down his throat, to which Mikey wholeheartedly consents.

The Latin top lies down and throws his underwear on the floor, praising Mikey’s beautiful ass and hole as his cock plunges into Mikey’s mouth. Mikey’s lips caress Nico’s cock, just as Nico demands that his flesh get hard and wet. “Drown.” Nico pushes even further. Mikey complies, taking his entire piece down his throat. Nico guides Mikey’s head up and down until Mikey chokes on his deep cock.

Mikey’s own cock hardens as he grips the base of Nico’s Latin stick. Nico plays with Mikey’s hole, just the way he likes it, touching the edge and slapping it, giving Mikey a lively start. Nico loves to tease, this time positioning Mikey on all fours and sliding his hard cock between Mikey’s buttocks. “I know what you want.” he teases, and slams his dick against Mikey’s hole. Mikey breathes harder, not knowing when Nico will give in to his own desire for his cock to fit right inside Mikey.

Nico prepares Mikey’s ass for deep penetration, asks him to take a deep breath and demands that Mikey get his big cock. Mikey lets out a big sigh as Nico’s cock slides inside him. Nico instructs Mikey to arch his back and push back into him so he can mount and slide deeper. He holds MIkey by the back of his head with the strength of his muscular arms.

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