Mika Ayden & Viktor Rom – How To Rise The Temperature


How To Rise The Temperature – Mika Ayden, Viktor Rom

You might say it’s not a fireplace, but I’m warming myself by the fire. It doesn’t matter. VICTOR’s thick and huge cock will warm me up.

He joined me in front of the fireplace. So cute. He brought me some herbal tea… I barely have time to taste the tea before my lips kiss VICTOR…

He pulls his underwear down revealing his big bundle. I don’t wait a second to suck it!

He opens my hole by licking it!

Let’s go! I’m ready for a good fuck!

He’s inside me, but my ass is really tight today. The initial pain is mild, but soon passes. He holds my hand and gives me courage! I still find it a little difficult!

He runs in again when he loses his temper! I grunted, which quickly turned into a roar of joy!

He didn’t stop and fucked me in several positions!

Would you like to see the last and most intense fuck I had?

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