Maverson & Caua – Segundas intenções


Hotboys – Segundas intenções – Maverson, Caua.

You know those straight people who try to disguise in front of others that they like brotherhood? So, Maverson is one of those, wasted no time in inventing an excuse to eat the ass of his hot friend, Cauã.

After a night of drinking, nothing beats curing a hangover by fucking hot, that’s what Maverson did! This pirocudo had the idea of inventing the famous excuse that he “forgot” his tennis shoes at Cauã’s house, in order to have the opportunity to pay an intimate visit, always with ulterior motives. Ah… these straight people invent everything to eat a gluttonous ass.

But you don’t have to invent any excuses, after all, it’s no secret how good it is to make fun of another HOTBOYS scene. So embark on this pleasure-filled scene and have only one intention in mind; enjoy a lot.

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