Manuel Reyes & Zac Johnson – Express Delivery 2


Express Delivery 2 – Manuel Reyes & Zac Johnson

Let’s be honest – we all fantasize about seducing and playing with the delivery guy!

The delivery man, Zac Johnson, leaves a package with Manuel Reyes at the front desk and asks to use the restroom. As he approaches, Manuel’s eyes are inevitably drawn to another large package with the blue collar.

After a few minutes, Manuel goes to check on the stallion, who he finds jerking off his big piece of raw meat in the bathroom! Stunned at first but horny, Zac invites him in for a taste, and who could resist?

Inside the bathroom, Manuel in a suit sucks Zac’s cock, before bending over the toilet seat and having his ass shoved and then fucked raw. Eventually, they exit the cramped space and enter a conference room, where Manuel turns Zac for a one-on-one fuck.

Express delivery – what’s the fastest way to get this stud to pay you a home visit?

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