Luis Logan & Matthew Steel


Luis Logan & Matthew Steel

Luis is back in the studio and tells Caruso he is loving life and loving his dick! With his good looks, Luis has no trouble getting laid. But, after discovering how good it feels to be fucked, Luis has become something of a size queen. He tells Caruso that he likes them really big and that he wanted to know if Caruso could help him find the perfect dick to stick it in his big Latino booty! Caruso is always kind enough to help a friend in need.

Meet 22-year-old Matthew! He’s tall, blond, has blue eyes, a lean, toned body, and a long, thick dick! He’s a beautiful rooster and Luis can’t wait to take him for a walk! Mateus is single and horny and tells Caruso and Luis that he loves latinas with big tits and big ass! Hope Luis and his big ass do!

Caruso makes both guys strip naked and get hard. Which wasn’t a problem! So he left to check on the girl. When he comes back, Matthew and Luis are still stroking his dicks, but he has bad news to tell. The girl does not come and without a girl there is no scene. Unless Matthew and Luis were willing to have sex with each other. In this case, he will also pay twice as much money. He thought for a few moments, but it was Luis who convinced him. He explained how this happened to him and he enjoyed being gay for money so much that he doesn’t mind doing it again. Matthew finally agreed and Luis helped guide him.

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