Leo Felipo & Max Booty – Meninos Online – The Technical Assistance Boy


In the gay porn video O boy from the Technical Assistance of the production company Meninos Online. Max Booty is on the phone with the owner of the production company Meninos Online Flávio, saying that he is going to go online on the site. But his computer crashed and he had to call a technical assistance guy to see it. When my favorite big boy Leo Felipo arrives as a technician to fix Max’s computer. Leo solves the problem and Max goes to do his live when Max asks what underwear should Leo wear. Leo chooses the white one, when Max is putting on his underwear Leo gets all awkward as if he were real straight. Until Leo decides to give Max some tips and the bitching starts. I’m not even going to go into too much detail because you already know that this shit takes a toll, right?

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