Lan Marques, Cristian Fernandes & Pytter Fox


O Padrastro Armou Para Fuder O Enteado – Lan Marques, Cristian Fernandes e Pytter Fox

This movie was based on a true story. The real protagonist, who is a big strong and hot man in reality, said he was heterosexual who liked women but was also attracted to young kids. He lived with his wife and her son (the stepson) who often made some jokes that made it clear that the stepson liked men. Padrastro couldn’t stop feeling horny for that kid, because he always showed his ass and made suspicious jokes, in addition to having suspicious conversations on his cell phone and always going to roll around at night. The stepfather, very horny, agreed with a friend who liked to play games, to go get him and find out what his stepson’s taste was. Because when the stepson was on the street, he was chased by Padrastro’s friend and he kept peeking to arrive at the right time. Padrastro’s friend took him to a lonely place to teach and motivate the kid to give his ass. But this one didn’t want to. . The stepfather took advantage of this moment to come and blindfold him to eat him without him seeing his face and telling his mother. They took him to an abandoned house. … and look at that A lot of dick went back and forth inside the ass The two took advantage of licking and penetrating the kid’s ass until they fucked in the ass and in the mouth. And the kid loved it. Don’t miss this yummy video.

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