Kayo Alves & Ric Vilarimm – Estranha Paixão


Estranha Paixão – Kayo Alves e Ric Vilarimm

Kayo Alves is walking in a square and on the way he is surprised by the bandit Ric Vilarimm who takes him hostage to his residence. Arriving at the house, Ric Vilarimm ties Kayo Alves to a chair and threatens him with a gun if he doesn’t say where the money and gold he came to steal is. After all this psychological game, Kayo feels like going to the bathroom and Ric Vilarimm gives him a bottle, but with his dick hard, he can’t take a piss. Ric Vilarimm feels a crazy desire to suck Kayo’s juicy cock which ends up letting the bandit suckle his delicious cock. Kayo can’t resist Ric Vilarimm’s delicious suckling and decides to suck the thief’s ass, leaving him delirious with pleasure. The two will have a very hot night with a lot of intense and hot fuck.

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