Julian Mendes and Felix Harris – Never Too Tired


Never Too Tired – Julian Mendes and Felix Harris

I love hanging out with my stepbrothers, but I’m closest to Felix. We’ve been going strong for years, but recently we’ve started to take things to the next level. I was checking my phone on the couch when he came in and said he was bored. I knew what that meant. We started kissing, touching and taking off our clothes. He got up and fed me his dick to celebrate, which I love to do, but then it was his turn to give me a little headache. The way Felix looks at me as he sucks my flesh is so hot. I spat in his hole and Felix sat on my cock. It took a few tries, but it was the most amazing feeling ever. It was my first time at the top and it’s just what I needed. We fucked until Felix’s load covered the floor. I shot right behind him.

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