Jonah Wheeler & Colton Fox – The Prize


Jonah Wheeler & Colton Fox – The Prize

From the darkness I was led into the light by a handsome, well-dressed man. We didn’t exchange many words, but the terms of our relationship were made clear just by his behavior. I was his, bought and ready to go.

This man, Master Wheeler, was sitting fully dressed in a tailored suit on the bed. His eyes scanned my body; they dreamed of all the ways he could use my body to please his. I found myself surprisingly calm as I looked at him from across the room on all fours.

Behind his mustache was a wicked grin. He beckoned to me with a wave of his hand after what seemed like an eternity. I crawled toward him, blood already rushing to my cock like my Pavlovian response to a Master’s command, a response created in me by Master Barrett moments before Master Wheeler bought me.

My new Master grabbed my face. I felt his warm breath on me as he ran his hand over my flushed cheeks. Another hand of his gripped a little harder to cup the back of my neck and keep my head in place. His breath smelled like mouthwash

mint wool and her body expensive perfume.

He pushed my face into the bulge of his pants and explored the back of my body with his strong hands. Eventually he reached my well used hole. His cock grew as he wet his finger with his mouth. He played with my ass, delighting in my moans of pleasure. He spreads my cheeks with both hands as his fingers take turns fucking my hole. He was slow at first, but the next thing I know, his fingers are using my hole like they’re fighting each other to feel the inside of me.

I can hear the rough pleasure of dominance echo in his breath. He forces his mouth onto mine to taste my tongue. Exploring the inside of my mouth and tasting the walls of my cheeks, his mustache brushed my soft lips.

He grabbed my hard cock through my jock. I am overwhelmed with need – I need to serve my Master, and for my Master to savor every moment of me he has bought. He gets up and starts taking off his clothes, looking at me with animalistic anticipation, cock protruding out of his pants.

Toward him, I pulled his hard cock and took it in my mouth. Moans from him came out uncontrolled and wild as his throbbing cock thrust into my throat. His cock is so hard it fills my throat completely. I can’t help but gasp at its size.

He put me on the bed to play with my body. As he prepared my hole with his hot tongue, I completely forgot that there was another Master inside me just moments ago! All I want right now is for my new Master’s throbbing cock to reach the deepest parts of my hole.

The moment I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. He used the tip of his cock to stretch me. Pure ecstasy filled my body as he thrust the full length of his manhood inside my hole. Before I knew it, he was fucking me so hard I couldn’t speak; only muffled moans escaped as he shoved his cock inside my tight pink hole.

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