Johnny Ford and Quin Quire – Stop This Perversion


Stop This Perversion – Johnny Ford, Quin Quire

Johnny Ford has a new job as a handyman working for manager Quinn. Things at her new job seem a little strange from the start. Quinn loses his temper and threatens to fire Johnny when he finds him stroking his penis with sexy polaroids of men in bondage that he finds on a workbench. Johnny isn’t about to lose his job and go home empty-handed, he ties Quinn up with duct tape and begins to torment and humiliate him. Johnny cuts Quinn’s underwear from his body and starts squeezing and pulling on Quinn’s juicy cock. Now that Quinn is submissive and reduced to Johnny’s plaything, he takes the tape off Quinn’s mouth and brutally fucks him. Johnny takes out his phone and starts recording as he humiliates and teases Quinn with his dick in his mouth.

Johnny is now lubed up in the back of Quinn’s throat and picks him up, bends him over the workbench and pounds Quinn’s tight asshole, pushing his face into the before shots. A true sadist, Johnny isn’t done tormenting and humiliating Quinn yet. With his hands tied above his head and a new gag placed in his mouth, Quinn is mercilessly whipped by Johnny all over his body until his skin is red and tender. Johnny moves Quinn to an old shipping container on the property so he can lay Quinn on her back and stroke his cock while fucking her hole. Johnny makes Quinn spray his own cum all over himself to show him that he’s the really nasty little pervert around here. Johnny says now it’s my turn to cum and Quinn opens up like a good slut swallows every drop.

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