Joey Wilcox and Johnny Ford – New Meat For The Handyman


New Meat For The Handyman – Joey Wilcox, Johnny Ford

Joey Wilcox has booked a weekend getaway at an upscale Las Vegas resort. The place is huge and Joey somehow turns around and gets lost in the sprawling grounds. Johnny Ford works here as a handyman or, as he likes to call himself, the Executive Infrastructure Engineer. Johnny offers to help Joey find his way to reception. Instead of gratitude, Joey is rude, calling Johnny a handyman and refusing his help. For Johnny, this is the proverbial drop that broke the camel’s back. He’s taken shit from rich guests for years and he’s not taking it anymore. Joey is kidnapped and finds himself blindfolded, lying face down on a dirty mattress. Ankles and wrists bound with rope, neck chained to the mattress. Joey is alone, helpless to the whims of Johnny’s depraved pleasures. Under the hot desert, Johnny rips off Joey’s clothes, going straight to his pale, tight ass. Licking and eating your ass. Then Johnny shoves his dick into Joey’s mouth. He suck that dick or feel the sting of a crop. Joey gets the dick and the talk. Joey is gagged and then fucked. This just turns Johnny on and he adds nipple clamps to Joey’s virgin nipples and wraps his balls in a heavy chain. Unbelievable! Johnny uses the flogger until Joey is silent. Joey is again humiliated for licking and cleaning Johnny’s dirty feet. More flogger is Joey’s reward. Johnny puts Joey on his back and fucks him again. Gagged and chained to a heavy cinder block, there’s nothing Joey can do but accept him as a man. The final humiliation comes when Johnny pisses on Joey’s belly and mouth before cumming on Joey’s face. Looks like Joey won’t be staying at the hotel anytime soon.

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