Joey Mills, Damian Night, Luke Connors, Jake Preston and Morgxn Thicke – Double Helix – Uncut


Double Helix – Uncut – Joey Mills, Damian Night, Luke Connors, Jake Preston, Morgxn Thicke

Don’t think it’s just athletes and partygoers who have fun in college. At MEN U, biology nerds put their anatomy knowledge to good use! Lab partners Jake Preston and Joey Mills have sex in class, and when the professor is late for the final exam, Jake finds himself in the middle of a dick-measuring contest turned threesome with classmates Damian Night and Luke Connors. When hung young Luke is caught naked, he’s sent to Dean Morgxn Thicke’s office, where Joey wants to hear all about Luke’s bad behavior… and convince him to join us for some more, because he wants to take that big dick on the dean’s desk.

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