Jesse Stone, Legrand Wolf – The Grooming


Jesse was particularly suited to property when I found him. Not only did he have a perfectly sculpted body, no marks and no blemishes in any way, but he had the eager spirit of a pet shop puppy eager to be adopted. If he had a tail, he would have wagged the first time I touched him.

When I stripped him and undressed him, his milky, pale flesh practically lit up the dark room. He was nervous and a little scared, but he didn’t let that stop him from doing what I needed him to do.

He knelt on all fours, presenting his body to me as I moved my hands. He was soft to the touch, hot and slightly sweaty. I would have guessed it was just nerves, but seeing his hard cock pointing at his washboard belly, it was clear he was in heaven.

I teased his nipples, watching his defined pecs tense as they reacted to the sensation of being pinched and pulled. It was clear to me that they would be trigger points for him, practically glowing pink before I even made contact with them. And then his body revealed a beautiful redness that made me curious to explore further.

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