Jesse Diamond & Axel Black Chapter 1 – FTMM


Jesse might be a little shorter than his partner, Axel, but he’s winning easily in the sheer muscle department. Jesse’s thick, muscular body draws Axel in, giving the lean, muscular man plenty to hold on to as they kiss and caress each other. Jesse radiates masculinity and strength, leaving Axel eager to see more of his powerful body. Stripping off his clothes, Jesse gives Axel a chance to really explore. Axel watches as the muscular trans man lies down on the bed, spreading his legs, revealing his thick cock and wet hole. Axel kisses her thigh until her mouth hits the sweet spot, landing on Jesse’s crotch and devouring her pussy. That’s when Jesse kneels down to pull Axel’s thick, throbbing member. Jesse wraps her hand around the shaft, taking it into her mouth as Axel teases her nipples and moans in ecstasy. Jesse’s mouth knows exactly how to make a dick happy.

Axel loves the sight of his partner’s broad back and shoulders, but needs to feel his cock slide inside his hole. Placing Jesse back on the bed, he slides his cock inside, watching Jesse’s broad chest rise and fall with every breath he takes. Axel starts off slowly, moving in a steady crunching and thumping rhythm before letting the cake feel the full force of his momentum.

Jesse can take it all and wants more! As Axel approaches climax, Jesse plays with his cock and looks into Axel’s eyes, waiting for the moment his partner erupts. It doesn’t take long for the skinny top to feel his balls rise under his shaft, sending jets of white cum at the end.

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