Javier Des Leon & Abel Sanztin – Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not – Javier Des Leon & Abel Sanztin

Noel Alejandro, a Spanish independent adult filmmaker based in Berlin, presents his new short film entitled “Forget Me Not” (“No me olvidéis”). A telephone conversation drives the main story, inspired by Almodóvar’s “The Human Voice”, this time focusing on the point of view of those on the other end of the line. The initial motivation for Alejandro’s short film begins with the story of Almodóvar’s “The Human Voice”, which portrays a woman who waits for her partner to return home to collect her lover’s belongings after breaking up over the phone, but we never know who is on the other side. other side of the phone or the reasons for the separation.

That’s exactly where Noel Alejandro sets his sights – exploring a separation from the point of view of those who decide to end it in order to find their own path in life. Themes such as fear of loneliness, 21st century individualism or the avalanche of doubts that arise when making a vital decision from which there is hardly any turning back are explored in this wonderful film. For that, the director uses very few characters. We have the main character Leo, played by Javier des Leon, Raúl, the mysterious partner on the other end of the phone, and an anonymous handsome young man played by Abel Sanztin, whose sexual encounter with Leo triggers the decision to end the relationship.

However, we also see a casket in the same room that oversees the situation and questions Leo’s decision. Although it is adult content with a clearly sexual approach, this very action is an excuse to talk about the depth of human relationships and the most intimate desires of human beings. Relationships that, in many cases, can arise thanks to sex, but can also be broken because of it. Above all, what you see in this short is the highly creative and artistic look of the director and the performances of the actors, with emphasis on the role of Javier des Leon, multidisciplinary artist, musician, model and content creator.

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