Javier and Roberth


Iomacho – Javier and Roberth

Young Latinos Aquiles and Rapper have been fucking off camera for a while now. Aquiles, who I’ve worked with before, asked if I would be interested in filming one of his passionate encounters. Of course, he knew I would say yes. Who wouldn’t want a video of these two hot studs fucking bareback? Because these two are fuck buddies, they know exactly how to please, and their sex is like a well-oiled machine. Achilles goes straight for his top’s big cock, sucking it until that raw meat is rock hard and ready for action. Achilles climbs in and takes a turn, before Rapper fucks him from behind and I move in for all close ups of anal action. Then Achilles turns his back to take another round of raw cock and both of his loads of cum.

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