Jacob Harris & Andrey Zolin – Hurry Up


Be aware of what’s going on around you or you might miss something. Andrey is sitting on the couch in the living room, stroking his cock, while Jacob is outside, smoking a cigarette on the porch, oblivious to what is happening behind him. Andrey isn’t looking for an audience, but moments later, Jacob turns around, sees what’s going on and starts stroking his cock as he smokes and looks through the glass. He then puts out his cigarette, enters and joins Andrey on the couch.

They kiss while stroking his cock, and then switch to give each other a helping hand. Jacob is ready for more, and Andrey is more than willing to cut to the chase. As Audrey goes to work, partying on the cock, Jacob jerks his head to put that mouth on his cock, before shifting and taking Andrey’s cock to the base repeatedly. Jacob then stands up, takes off his pants, turns Andrei onto his side and tucks him in. He was ready to fuck and wasn’t going to waste time getting undressed.

Andrey, with his pants around his knees, doesn’t seem to mind as he moans in pleasure. They finally take off all their clothes so Andrey can mount Jacob and shove that dick as far down his hole as possible. Jacobs grips the waist of his ass and watches him jump up and down on his cock. They then lie side by side, fucking, while Andrey strokes his cock, until he shoots a load all over the couch. They continue to fuck until Jacob stands up and unloads into Andrey’s open mouth.

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