Jack Aries fucks Tristan Hunter


Jack Aries fucks Tristan Hunter

RandyBlue welcomes CockyBoys exclusive Tristan Hunter to enjoy Jack Aries and everything he has to offer – including his big dick. Jack starts off slow, kissing Tristan and playing with each other’s dicks, but Tristan is already excited. He literally pushes Jack back onto the bed and consumes his cock and balls and continues doing so when Jack switches to 69 so he can eat Tristan’s hole.

Jack continues sucking and deep throating Tristan, who recovers from the pleasure of rolling his eyes to impress Jack by riding his fat cock. In fact, Tristan can’t get enough of it, stopping only once when Jack’s mouth engulfs his cock. And he only stops when Jack takes over again and fucks Tristan next to him.

When Jack takes charge, he leaves little doubt as he pounds Tristan and makes him gasp and moan countless exclamations of “Oh my God.” Jack’s relentless fucking continues with Tristan on his back, leading to his intense orgasm. Jack keeps going until he erupts a thick load over Tristan’s hole and for good measure he breeds it. This is all good for Tristan, thankfully left with a destroyed hole.

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