Italo Van Ewen & Vincent Landi – Patagonia Funny Adventure – Part 1: Secret in the Mountain


Our favorite young Latinos travel to the south of the world, to Patagonia, where the mountains and forests are the ideal setting to meet and have sex.

A unique place where they meet other handsome boys who want to be intimate in the cabin where they are staying. In the first episode we have Italo and Vincent, admiring the mountains and the lake, when Vincent sees a bird that flies fleetingly. Italo misses it, but the boy says he wants to show him something… At the cabin, they kiss on the wooden stairs that go up to the bedroom. Not only does Italo want to see his little bird, but he does some amazing masturbation with Vincent’s cock on the stairs as they continue kissing.

With the penis very hard, they go straight to bed while taking off their clothes. Italo’s tattooed naked body is impressive, he wants to receive Vincent’s dick in his ass, so he sucks Vincent, the guy with glasses, who likes pleasure. He grips her head tightly and grabs her mouth, thrusting his cock in and out with great force. Vincent pulls Italo’s pants down to grope his ass as he sucks, licks his fingers, first one then the other and pushes them into Italo’s anus… Wow.

As she continues to suck, there are moans of pleasure from both of them. The ass is already prepared to receive that very hard cock. Italo sits on Vincent’s cock, on his back and starts jumping and jumping with great pleasure, his eyes narrow, he can’t believe the piece of hard meat he’s getting, he wants more. They kiss like this, from behind, while Vincent pushes him away while penetrating him at high speed.

Then they lie on their sides on the bed, start to fuck like this, with Ítalo’s leg raised in the air. The passive has a ring on the nipple that the active one has fun with, stimulates him while penetrating the boy’s tail at different speeds. Finally, Ítalo lifts his legs and receives a penis in the position that will make them both explode. As Vincent penetrates him, it’s very hot, they’re sweaty, they can’t take it anymore, Vincent unloads his semen into Italo’s mouth, who licks it well with his tongue.

At the same time he receives the semen, he discharges his own sperm into his own abdomen. They conclude with a white kiss and head towards the sunset on the mountain, which we see through the window. Your secret is well kept with us. And of course, the adventure continues in the next episode where a boy gets lost and two others help him locate himself on the map… and of course they end up making a trio in “Jungle Cabin Fun”, not to be missed.

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