Good Behavior – Inmate Joseph Ox Submits to Officer Micah Martinez


Good Behavior – Inmate Joseph Ox Submits to Officer Micah Martinez

The reclusive Joseph Ox is doing his supervised work in the courtyard on a scorching day. He begs Officer Micah Martinez for a break from yard work. Knowing that the inmate needs good behavior points, Officer Martinez decides to take advantage of the situation for his own pleasure. Joseph is gagged, bound with a rope, and taken back to the courtyard, where Officer Martinez brings the prisoner to his knees. Micah takes off Joseph’s pants and rips his boxers off, exposing the inmate’s sexy ass. Officer Martinez runs his fingers through his leather gloves and covers the hole in the inmate.

Joseph is beaten with a leather spade and taken to an isolated cell for further punishment. Then the inmate has his arms, legs, penis and balls tied to the bed. Officer Martinez deals out a brutal round of cock and ball torment using a whip, his nightstick and, of course, his tight leather gloves. Joseph’s massive cock grows hard with torment and Micah pulls back to taste it. The prisoner is tormented further with stinging shocks from the tazapper. Officer Martinez decides to use his nightstick to fuck and stretch the inmate’s ass. Finally, Joseph is brought to his knees to suck Officer Martinez’s cock. Joseph has his hole beaten and created by Officer Martinez and then the inmate masturbates until he throws a large load of sperm on the floor of his cell.

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