Giorgio Angelo & Vincent Landi – Acqua Latinos Part 1 – The Pool Party


It’s summer, it’s very hot, and Latino boys just want to have fun. In the first episode of the Acqua Latinos series, we will see the owner of the party, Vincent, enjoying the water, the sun, the boys dancing to the music of the DJ. Pure fun! And even more so when Giorgio arrives, with whom he ends up doing some massages with water, the massages go up in temperature, a kinesiology student at a pool party gets louder and the boys get hot, so much so that they go to one of the rooms. .

They take off their clothes on the bed to massage themselves, Vincent naked, the active one, supports his penis as he massages his back, the penis opens the thing’s cheeks in the back and forth of the member that is hardening. The crazy guy already has a very hard cock, so much so that he starts to put it in the anus hole in a very strong way… They kiss, caress and then he gives him a very erect penis, in his mouth, put the penis in and out while kneeling on the bed while stimulating the nipple.

The two are already hard, Vincent stimulates Giorgio’s ass, while Giorgio sucks his dick. He is ready to be penetrated, he moans a lot with pleasure when they start having sex on all fours. Then he turns to the side, Giorgio with one leg up is penetrated from behind. Tremendous position! We’re so fucking excited to see these guys without pool shorts. The dick that goes in and out is very big and harder than wood… Giorgio lies on his back, grabs her thighs and opens his legs to be penetrated.

Many screams of pleasure, oh yes, until Giorgio finishes heavily with Vincent’s cock inside. Wow! Finally, Vincent ends up on her face and mouth and then gives her a white kiss, very hot. In the next chapter, some boys want to open up to experiment, adding another boy and thus making a threesome. The newlyweds look to the pool party to see who they can put to bed in “FLUID RELATIONSHIP.

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