Gianni Maggio and Paull Bradd – Paper Plane


Paper Plane – Gianni Maggio, Paull Bradd

What do you do when the wi-fi goes out, Paull Bradd brought back an old way of communicating and snatched the top prize from him, Gianni Maggio. Paper airplanes aren’t just for boys to play with anymore!

Gianni catches the flying message and soon spots its pilot. Gianni approaches Paull and joins him on the panoramic balcony in his underwear. Paull and Gianni explore each other’s growing penises and Paull discovers that he has taken a monstrous penis and quickly goes into a more intimate affair.

Once inside, things get very intimate quickly and Paull is on his knees serving Gianni’s monstrous cock. Paull focuses on the huge, bulbous head of the penis and starts working with his mouth on the ultra-long shaft of the penis.

Gianni is enjoying the talent and determination of Paull’s hot mouth, but it’s that muscular ass that keeps getting his attention. Paull is turned on his back and Gianni is ready to feast that sumptuous ass on a holiday feast. Gianni’s tongue flicks and probes that hot pink hole as his and Paull’s sexual energy skyrockets.

Gianni slaps his flesh into Paull’s smooth hole and probes it with the head of his cock before thrusting the full length of his cock deep into that talented ass. That monster cock is probing deeper and deeper with each thrust. A beautiful dance of pleasure and excitement leaves Paull’s cock rock hard and his balls taut. Gianni needs to lead this dance if he wants to get much more pleasure out of Paull’s perfect hole.

The guys switch positions and this time Paull is crouched over Gianni’s giant cock. Gianni has her hands full of mounds of muscled ass as she slides up and down his thick cock.

Another flip and Paull finds himself face down and Gianni coming up from above. Gianni has one foot on the floor and the other on the couch, giving him momentum and depth for his hot fuck. This position gave Gianni’s anaconda the pleasure he so deserved and pushes him over the edge. Paull turns around just in time to receive a hot cum bath and starts sucking the monster’s cock, cleaning all of his liquid gold. The taste of Gianni’s cum-wet cock in his mouth sends Paull over the edge as he swallows a huge amount of thick, creamy milk.

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