Finn Harding & Presley Scott – Hard Strikes


Hard Strikes – Finn Harding & Presley Scott

Presley Scott and his friends show up for their first martial arts class, and Presley is very impressed with hot sensei Finn Harding. Finn tells his class that he wants hard strokes and puts them to practice, but not before demonstrating some moves on Presley that include grabbing his balls and rubbing the bottom bulge with his leg! After Presley knocks out her sparring partner, the guys have some alone time to practice one-on-one and take their clothes off before their tongues do battle. Presley sucks the top while smacking his ass, then gets on all fours to get fucked. He mounts the master, then Finn uses some advanced techniques to pound his back and make Presley blow a huge load before bottoming his face with his cum.

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