Felix Harris, Antu Burghos & Vincent Landi – Helix Latin Camp Part 4 – The Camp of Secrets


Helix Latin Camp 4 is here! Secrets are revealed at the camp. Building lit bonfires is the specialty of these 3 undressing guys. Felix starts sucking Vincent’s cock, who enjoys his body while Antu watches them. He tastes the other’s cock to the bottom, penetrates his mouth as if it were the last time. Antu finds himself looking at them, he wants to be part of the trio. Thus, the two boys begin to suck Vincent’s cock, who grabs their heads with pleasure and domination.

Then Antu puts both sticks in his mouth, he is insatiable. Then they settle down and make a line sucking their penises… When the fever is at its maximum, the active Felix begins to penetrate the bottom of Antu’s ass, with his huge cock, the ass really wants to receive that giant penis and moans with pleasure and a little pain, because it really is very big. He fucks hard, so hard that it makes hammering noises on his buttocks, he surrendered and submissive, enjoying that hot penetration, while sucking the other Vincent’s dick active.

Then they spin around and Vincent becomes the one who penetrates Antu’s tail: it’s a fire! So until Vincent filled his ass with semen and put his cock filled with his fluids back into Antu’s ass. Felix gives her his semen by mouth and Antu also ends up with the help of the other two. Ugh, these Boy Scouts know how to party. In the next episode, “Learning from an Expert”, a scout has a lot to teach a rookie, in a spectacular new duet, don’t miss it.

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